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About Governance Lab

The Governance Lab is a collaborative research workshop of the Public Affairs Program at the University of Utah's Department of Political Science. The Lab's work emphasizes the complex nature of contemporary governance, and incorporates the role of governmental, nonprofit, and private actors in creating and addressing pressing societal problems.


Governance Lab researchers are scholars and students that specialize in the intersection of public affairs disciplines, including public policy, public administration and management, nonprofit management, and political science. Find out more about Governance Lab researchers below.   


Governance Lab Researchers

Governance Lab Directors

Jesús Valero Enriquez

Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Management

Jesús’ research explores government-nonprofit partnerships, effective leadership in nonprofit organizations, and the use and impact of social media in public service.  Most recently, Jesus received a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to explore the impact of collaboration efforts on the medical service needs of homeless individuals and families.  

David P. Carter

Assistant Professor of Public Policy

David's research examines public policy design and program administration, with an emphasis on regulation and regulatory governance. Much of this work has been conducted within the context of U.S. organic food regulation. Visit David's website via the button below for in-depth summaries of his research and resources for teaching public policy courses.

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Research Affiliates 

Chris Jensen

PhD Student in Political Science

With an MPA, emphasis in Latin American studies, and a community development background in Andean countries, Chris has spent the last three years researching Cuban civil society organizations and their relationships to NGOs.  Chris currently works as a research assistant for Dr. Valero Enriquez.

Ian Adams

PhD Student in Political Science

Ian's research includes issues of surveillance, body-worn cameras in policing, and emotional labor. He is a recipient of the 2017 Nelson & Jones Excellence in Writing Award and is a member of the Pi Alpha Honor Society. Ian currently works as a research assistant for Dr. Carter.

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