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Advancing Policy Process Research with Public Management Scholarship and Nonprofit Studies

2017, Policy Studies Journal, with Christopher M. Weible

Full title: “Advancing Policy Process Research at its Overlap with Public Management Scholarship and Nonprofit and Voluntary Action Studies”

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A scholarly nexus is defined as identifiable spheres of theoretical and empirical overlap between academic fields or disciplines. This article explores the nexus between policy process research, public management scholarship, and nonprofit and voluntary action studies, oriented from the perspective of policy process scholars. The article begins with a description of policy process research, including some of its major thematic emphases regarding governance problems and processes. It next discusses limitations of policy process research imposed by its scope of inquiry, theoretical black boxes, and omitted factors. Three strategies—filling, zooming, and linking—for addressing these limitations are introduced. The article ends with rationales for leveraging research at the nexus to advance both specialized and general knowledge about public policy processes and governance issues.

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